Gulf of Mexico offshore rigs operate in a very challenging environment that can jeopardize compliance with code and hazardous location requirements. High humidity, salt, and H2S all contribute to corroding conduit, wire, fittings and seals. To avoid compliance issues, count on an electrical pre-inspection for a heads-up on offshore electrical repairs before BSEE performs its annual inspection. Make sure that you pass the BSEE inspection—the first time—and avoid shutdowns that lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Whether part of general practices or getting ready for BSEE, you need to know what type of electrical repairs are acceptable to BSEE. ProUsys has over 15 years’ experience bringing platforms into compliance as quickly as possible and in the most cost effective way. We can survey, catalog, cost and perform a risk assessment with clients to determine the best solutions. At you disposal is a “go team” of “on call” industry professionals who can be on your job site within 72 hours.

An electrical malfunction or failing an inspection is costly. We’ve seen companies spend money and downtime on ill-prepared contractors, only to re-do the work when it doesn’t satisfy an inspector. Huge revenue losses and skyrocketing costs put tremendous pressure on the operator. You need a company you can rely on who knows and understands the regulations and how to meet them.

ProUsys’ expertise covers electrical engineering, construction and remediation services. We offer competitive pricing on time and materials, cost plus and packaged solutions.

Talk with us about how you can ensure a successful electrical inspection.